Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sigma Make Up SS197

Sigma Make-up SS197

Before using the brush I would use a MAC 187SE, 190SE or a 109 to apply liquid foundations an had problems with all of them. The 187 sheds a couple black hairs when you use it and it also takes forever to stipple with and it nowhere near dense enough to buff with (I must say, I do not understand why people like this for liquid foundation) the 190 leaves streaks like any regular foundation brush does which I really dislike, I also tried it with my gosh brush foundation brush which is much more 'fluffy' and the same issue an the 109 sheds like an absolute beast! it's super awful for liquid foundation in my opinion and I also don't understand the hype over this one. Right, before I start this review I will admit that I did only get this brush this week so it's a bit of a first impressions review but so far, I am truly in love with this brush. I bought it for liquid foundation as I love my NARS sheer glow foundation but I needed a brush to give me the application I wanted without much effort (Lazy me...) and this brush really does deliver. It's super dense, the most dense brush I've ever felt actually and it gives me a flawless finish in no time. I just get a bit of foundation and buff it into my skin and it's done is no time! I can then go over it again in areas I want a bit more coverage. Now, I must be honest and say that I did think this brush would be a let down as I often find with brushes and things I buy online without being able to see them first but I was so pleasantly surprised by this brush!It's very sturdy with a big thick handle and hasn't shed during use or washing (been washed about 3 times, currently drying out actually) and it's incredibly soft!. It makes me curious about other Sigma brushes and I may even buy one of their kits, because if they're all as good as this one I'd be sorted brush wise!

The Good -
  • The Price. I got this for about £15 and that is including post and packaging prices. 
  • The Finish. This brush does give me the best finish I've had with a foundation before with no streaks and good coverage.
  • Multi-purpose. This brush actually works really well with cream blush, I'm waiting for my 130 brush so that I can give that a whirl but I do like this brush too, it's down fall is only that it's a little big.
  • Shipping from Sigma was quick, it took around a week to get to me from the US.
The Bad 
  • It takes Forever to dry! I'm currently washing it once every 2 days and that keeps it nice and clean but deep cleaning is a little difficult as the brush is so dense and takes a while to dry, but an easy way around it is to wash it after you use it and it will be ready for using again the next day...or buy two! I honestly think that this brush would be the sort I'd pay close to £30 at MAC so being able to get two for that price is great for something really high quality. 
  • Can only be bought online, which might put some people off if you like to have a feel of a brush before you buy it.
  • It was out of stock for about 4 months! it's currently back in stock and apparently has some slightly changes from the original (The original had SS197 on the handle where as this one has Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki) so perhaps  the delay was getting the changes to the brush but I'd still say buy it now when it's still in stock!

All round, I love this brush, love it, love it, love it, I've never had a finish like this and the only serious con for me is that it takes ages to dry after washing but I think it's a minor flaw that's unavoidable in having a seriously dense brush so I would buy another one so I could wash it on a night and have a clean dry brush every morning but I do really recommend this brush and if you were thinking of buying it I'd say go for it!

Also quick question ; How often do you wash your brushes? I wash all of my brushes at least once a week and my foundation brushes once every two days, but how often do you do it?

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  1. This one looks great to me! I've not tried any sigma bruses but this ones shape really appeals to me.
    And i know i should be better but i tend to wash my brushes every couple of months D:

  2. I have read that it's similar to the everyday minerals flat top kabuki which I have, and it's really good. I am weary of ordering from sigma, every youtuber says it's soo good and that makes me not interested at all.

    Hey by the way, I came over from cami loves kiwi. ;) will follow!