Monday, 17 May 2010

I so don't get the deal with...

I don't know what it is about LUSH, but I really don't get it. I've tried and tried to like it and I just can't manage it! I will admit I liked the Butterball bath bomb's smell but I didn't like greasy feeling on my skin, it was too much or me! I also loved the smell off the melting marshmallow moment but it gets sickly after a while, along with the fact it dyed my bath pink for a couple of weeks after. I did buy a sugarscrub from them for my lips which tasted amazing but on it's own it was super hard to use so I mixed it with vasaline, and I do like it, but a 25g pot costs £5.00 and I think I could make it myself for cheaper! (I have also tried a handcream from here but lets not get into that one, when it comes to handcream I'm a very very fussy person)
I will say, I've not written this brand off yet, the shower jelly sounds like a fun concept and the 'Honey I Washed The Kids' soap might be one for me, but from the products I've tried I'm not getting the hyper around this brand.

Mineral Make-up, this is the one brand I've tried myself but I don't quite understand the appeal. Me and my mother were wondering Debenhams (The Monday before Spring Colour Forecast came out which my counter wouldn't yet sell :( I was very sad ) and a woman from the Bare Minerals counter pounced on us and offered to try some products on us, seeing as we had nothing better to do we decided to take her up on her offer as she was also giving away 10 day samples to people who tried the foundation. My mum went first, and loved it! the primer erased all pores, fine lines and visible imperfections (I must say though, my mum has very few) and the foundation colour was a great match and easy to apply, at this point I was sold too and let her take of my foundation and try it on me. Lets just say it wasn't a success, my face felt awful with it on and the lightest colour was all 'off'' and looked very very weird, it also took away from the fact I'm pale, and I may be one of the few but I like that I'm pale! after three hours of wear, I took the foundation off and the next day; spots galore! I thought this was meant to be good for your skin? not make it break out and feel sore and sort of clogged up? This has put me off the idea of mineral make up, but some smaller companies do look good but I've herd a few dozen re-packaging scandals *cough*Limecrime*Cough* I'm not sure who to trust!

I don't know what it is about these but I don't get it. People RAVE about Urban Decay's 24/7 liners but for me, they don't do anything more than any other liner does. Zero is meant to be the be-all-end-all of liners for the waterline but on me, it just looks sheer and doesn't stay on any longer than MAC's Feline or those cheapie Rimmel Kajal liners do and they do it with about 5x the intensity. Coloured eyeliner does very little for  me, but as a base these liners can work pretty well, but not well enough for me to want to buy a full-size, and they are actually about 2/3 the size of a MAC pencil (Which when I first got I was shocked by the size of). I actually don't get Urban Decay in general, I always look but never buy, nothing seems to grab me too much, there eyeshadows are meant to be really good but the one I tried was fallout city! I did want to dry the Alice palette but something stopped me getting it. I do wonder about their lipsticks though...

These are all things I often here talked about, but I just don't get the deal with them! What products do you hear people rave about all the time but just don't understand the hype?


  1. I totally agree. Im in the same boat. I like the liners a lot, but I think I like feline better or any other. :)

  2. You should try a couple more Urban Decay eyeshadows, for the most part they are brilliant but midnight cowboy and midnight cowboy rides again are fallout central! I don't get the 24/7 liners right enough, they are just a decent eyeliner to me,not exceptional!

  3. Any colours you think I should try? The deluxe ones look nice but I'm never sure if they're worth the money, they normal ones kinda look like alot of MAC shadows do to me x

  4. I got a free sample of Bare Minerals and it didn't work for me but only because it was the wrong shade. I have a few samples of foundation from BFTE and was amazed at them though. I also don't get the 24/7 liner fuss, the one's i've tried are fine, but not amazing, not worth the fuss and certainly not as good as the Illamasqua pencils i've tried, which can be used on lips too.
    And with Lush... i'm half and half, i've not liked any of the skincare stuff i've tried, and i think it's overpriced but i love their soaps and fun bath products.
    And the sugar scrub is a huge rip off, it's just sugar, a little oil and flavour, you could make it at home for practically nothing.