Sunday, 23 May 2010

Big Boobs = Big Bra Budget!

Is it just me? or does it seem that the bigger your boobs the more you have to pay for a bra. I'm not talking about bra sizes going up to bigger size and costing more, but as in being able to find a nice bra, for a reasonable price! 
I'm a bit stingy when it comes to spending money on things such as underwear which are hidden 90% of the time but the going rate for a nice looking bra which fits well seems to be about £14 which to me seems pretty reasonable price and even though it is hidden most of the time, it makes me feel confident to have a nice looking bra on! The problem, however, lies in the fact that in general, these bra ranges seem to finish at a D. DD is your lucky maybe, but that's way to small for me! 
After my mother told me that my bra was looking awful and making my boobs like as if I was about 50 years old, I went to deb's for a bra fitting (I'd normally go to M&S but after the last thankyou) and when the woman told me my size  (I'm a 34F) I seriously sighed. My previous size of a  34DD to E was hard enough to find bras which are nice looking and fit well on a budget but at an F! Now, I do know that there are loads of places that cater for bigger boobs (Bravissimo, Figleaves...etc) but at prices of about £24 a shot I think it's a bit over priced since a smaller bra costs about a tenner less! I tried on a lovely freya bra that was super comfy but it was so expensive! lucky I managed to grab it on sale along with two which were reduced to £16 pounds so I'd have some bras which fitted me nicely! now these bra's do fit but I was so put off by all the prices, the ranges designed for bigger bras seem to cost so much more, and my question is just why!? 
Also, a little rant about all these lovely looking structured dresses around with cups in them, I actually think I could pull one off but I don't think I could get half a boob into one of those cups!
Anyone else think this is a bit of a scam?

Anyway, rant over just something I've noticed that's bothered me for a while now. 
GCSE literature exam on Tuesday and I'm ever so slightly bricking it! Poems and of Mice and Men are my subjects for it :( 


  1. Oh i am so with you! I used to be a 34F and now i'm a 36FF and it is so annoying having to buy such expensive bras. And it's so annoying that often i'll see a lovely bra and it will only go up to DD as well as the fact that little dainty c cup bras just look so much nicer.
    Don't even bother with a dress with cups. I bought one from Topshop and one from Asos, the cups look to be a C at the most. Seeing as i am plump too and so buy size 16/18 i don't know why the cups are so tiny!

  2. I so agree I saw some lush ones in debhanmes but they only got up to a DD :( C' look so nice and pretty!
    I would have thought they'd put some more room them, I saw one that was designed for bigger boobs but it's not in my budget for clothes lol