Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Current Lemmings and a bit of an offload

I decided that I was going to make a little list of things I currently wish to own as a way to pass a bit of time. It's almost 8 o'clock on a Tuesday night and I've intended to start working on my case study on Nuclear Power since around half three this afternoon, but I've managed to put it off by playing with the dog, or watching Fringe, I even tried to have a little nap, but that didn't go too good, I think this is going to be the last time-wasting activity that I have before I am actually going to have to start working on it. 

So, onto the actual post topic!
I've been hauling like crazy for the past month and a half, but I'm not done yet! My stash/kit has been growing like mad recently but I still think I need a few things to 'complete' it!

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick
Lipsticks actually, I really fancy Lingere Pink, and maybe Rose Culte also. I don't know what it is about these lipsticks but in swatches they look beautiful! the classy packaging is also a plus point for me. Rose Culte especially look like it could be a HG lip colour for me, I thought I had found my HG lip colour in MAC's Blood Rose (LE, obviously...) but that was involved in a terrible accident with my washing machine that I still cannot explain, and the counters near me and the website were all sold out at this point. Despite being a berry colour, I think it was the rose tones that brightened my face up. Here's to hoping...

CHANEL Pro Lumière

I'm in love with my NARS Sheer Glow and when my SS197 arrives I have a feeling my love will grow even stronger, but for some reason unknown to me, I am craving this foundation so much. I like to change my foundation now and then, unless my skin aggressively objects to it, and this seems like a good contender as it also claims to tighten pores which seems to be a massive issue for me at the moment. The only problem seems to be that the shades are confusing, in the Mat Lumière the lightest shade is '05' but in Pro Lumière the lightest shade is '10' but the next shade down in both is '20', so does that mean that the Mat Lumière is lighter than the Pro Lumière? If somebody knows, please tell me! if not, I'll try get myself down to the Metro Centre soon and see for myself...provided my lazy arse can be bothered that is! 

Illamasqua Cream Blush

For about a month and a half, I have been desiring a cream blush. I've never had one before but apparently they are amazing to prolong the life of powder blush and look amazing on their own with foundation. The colour 'Sob' which I swatched it in Fenwicks two weeks ago looked amazing on my hand in store and in daylight and I've herd good things about Illamasqua's cream blush and I am a big fan of their power blush I'm sure these are no different. My only problem, a problem I'm sure is fairly common in Illamasqua is which colour to go for? 

NARS 'Scarlet Empress' Lipstick
After all the red lipsticks I've tried, Ruby Woo, Russian Red, a couple hundred drugstore lipsticks and one or two from Illamasqua, I think I've finally found the  perfect red lipstick. When I found this lipstick in SpaceNK around two months ago I fell in love. A classic red is something I think every girl need to have, there;s a perfect red for everyone and I think, I might have found mine.

A Contour Colour?
I need something to try make my face look a little more sculpted. Having a bit of a rough time at the moment (and over the past year or two) has made me turn to the most wonderful people. Ben & Jerry, the two most calorific men in the world! which also means I've put on a stupid amount of weight which is why I'm trying hard to do something about it, but in the mean time, I need something to make my mainly round face look nicer. I bought a Scuplt&Shape Duo in a blogsale (Held by Lillian who's blog you should check out and follow) but the darker colour is too warm toned so I look a bit funny. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know! 

Friday, 23 April 2010

Review - NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

I've been using NARS Sheer Glow Foundation for around two weeks now, which I think is long enough to give it a fairly good review. I herd about this foundation many times over Youtube Make-up Alley and other forums for a few months but I never bought it untill recently. Two major factors caused me to be a bit put off it, the words sheer and glow which to a girl who normally wore fairly high coverage foundations that were very matte sounded incredibly unappealing. The other, being the price tag, which is pretty steep at £29 at pop for the average 30ml of foundation. but for some reason, I decided I wanted it, partly down to the fact that my foundation wasn't working for me and I realised that matte skin didn't suit me at all and was drying out my skin, and I got it for my birthday.
This foundation really works for me, it feels like there is nothing on your skin at all, and the colour is as close to perfect as I've ever had (Siberia) and offers just enough coverage that it still looks very natural but flawless, I personally think under-eye concealer is needed on me, but may not be for you. I set this foundation with Illamasqua's loose powder but I plan to try some others soon, has this can sometimes make my skin look a little dry.
The downfall of this product is the fact that it has no pump which means that you could waste foundation, and if you were to knock it over or the lid were to come loose when you were travelling it could lead to a bit of a disaster. The only other flaw I've found is that I can't find a brush which works really well with it, but I have that problem with most liquid foundation
for me this is a wonderful foundation and the best I've had to date, the coverage and weightless feel make it worth it's price tag 100%!

Here's a quick pro's and con's list for you

Great Coverage.
Feels as if nothing is on your skin.
Easy to blend.
Great colour match for my pale skin (I'm unsure for other skintones)
Perfect stain finish, not too matte nor to dewy.
Non Drying.

No Pump! this leads to wasting foundation by pouring out too much. I have herd that they may be selling one apparently, but I don't now.
Which setting powder?
Bit of a big price tag (By my standards at least)

Since I only have three gripes with this foundation, I really do think it is amazing! current HG foundation, but I won't stop looking for more.
I'd give this foundation at least an 8/10.

What foundation is your Holy Grail foundation? and what do you think is the best brush for liquid foundation?

Thanks for reading, I'll answer any questions in comments :)
Simone xxx

Thursday, 15 April 2010

I Have Some How Deleted My Introduction Post...

It might have been accident, or I may have done it to try hide the fact I'm very very bad at updating this, but I'll re-do my little 'get to know me' post, so here it is.

  • I'm called Simone, and I live in Sunderland, UK. I'm not exactly happy about this but oh well, I'll get on with it.
  • I have two dogs who I love very dearly, Caramel is our family dog, she's coming up for 10 years old and is a grand old lady, who would suit the title of 'Her Ladyship' or something else regal sounding. We also are foster family to Blake, who's a Guide dog puppy in training, he's currently 9 weeks old, and is a massive trouble maker but he's lovely. He's half Golden Retriever, and half Labrador  (Chocolate Lab actually, but looking at his pale blonde coat, you'd never think it) 
  • I'm Dyspraxic, which is very difficult to explain, not common in girls, and spell-check always wants to replace is with Dyslexic. It can cause trouble with handwriting, co-ordination, and just, the way you do things, for instance, I hold a pen in apparently the most awkward manner, I don't think I do, because it feels natural to me, but to anyone else, it's very very strange. It also comes with some strange little things which in my case, are linked to being Dyspraxic, I have Hyper-Flexibility, which apparently is going to cause me alot of pain when I get older, as it's starting to now, and Hyper-Sensitivity Disorder, which makes the most simple normal human thing weird, for years I couldn't have a quilt cover as I fell out with the fact that fell away from the quilt, and I can't leave my house without a hand lotion, incase I can a little weird attack of my hands feel weird...
  • I'm left-handed, which paired with Dyspraxia is a bit of a bad deal  so along with my weird way of holding a pen and barely legible handwriting, I then drag my hand over it too (and I can't seem to write with anything other than smooth inky pens). I once got slightly offended by the fact ASDA don't sell left handed scissors, and I also cannot work a can opener to save my life. 
  • I like ships. Most ships, not too interested in battle ships or anything like that, but I love ocean liners within the past 110 years They just fascinate me, I could read about different ships and their fates for hours. I have a complete love of the sea, for some reason, ever since I was little.
  • I'm born to an British Father, and a Dutch Mother, I travel on a Dutch passport, but I do also have a British one, I was born in the UK, but I left at 6 weeks old for Saudi Arabia, where I flew back and forth from until I have 9 years old and it got too dangerous. I went to an international school, and had friends from all across the world and I mean everywhere!
  •  My family love to call me casper, as even living the middle east, I was super pale, I've been subject to ghost jokes most of my life.
  • I used to love rain.
  • I talk too much! 
  • NARS cosmetics currently has my heart but I love MAC aswell.

Here's a picture of me, fairly recent. I posted is as I personally like to sort of see who it is I'm reading the blog of! apparently I 'look' like a vegetarian, I don't know that was possible! (I'm not a veggie by the way, but I am fussy with meat)  little facts about me in a more physical way

  • I'm pretty tall, for a girl at least. I'm 5ft 9 and a half my dad's hight before he had surgery to replace the discs in his neck, which caused him to be an inch taller, since the discs are metal, I class this as cheating and we are the same hight.
  • I'm a bit bigger than I'd like to be, and I'm currently on a mission to loose weight before my holiday in July
  • I love a bright or bold lip!
  • I never wear jeans as I think they make me look extremely fat. 
  • I have my nose pierced 

if that's not bored you to death, and I'm sorry if it has, please, keep reading my blog, I promise not to neglect it and if anything, read it so you can look at pictures of this gorgeous pair below! 



Thanks so much if you made it all the way down to here, you deserve a medal! I promise I'm nice and my other posts won't'be as long!

Simone x

5 Make-up Looks Which Scare me

Last night I stayed up in bed, cuddled up with Caramel my older dog, reading ELLE and having a nice hot chocolate only problem was that for some reason I couldn't sleep! Now, I like my sleep, and for the strangest most annoying reason, my body will wake me up, at pretty much the same time everyday, regardless of what time I went to sleep, so here I am, 8.20am writing this blog post which I have been trying to write for the past 20 minutes, but the puppy woke up on the naughty side of the bed and has been trying to eat my laptop charger, my mothers dressing gown and the handle of the draw in the kitchen...

So my insane love for make-up extends to pretty much all colours and all looks but these looks scare me far too much!

1. Bright eyeshadows (Particularly these colours). I love colours, and I love blue and pink, but blue on my eyes washes me out and makes me look really odd, and pink, pink just makes me look ill. I bought MAC Da Bling, and I also got Aquadisiac in a swap but both look awful on me! these colours look amazing on other people with my colouring, so I wonder what I'm doing wrong!

2. Orange/Coral lips. Beautiful colour, in the picture above, it looks amazing and coral is meant to be a universal all-can-wear colour that looks great on everyone but I can't seam to make it work...more on that later.

3. Deep Vampy Purple Lips. I adore black lipsticks, super dark burgundy and a blackend violet but for some reason, I don't have the courage to wear them out! they're so striking and beautiful, I don't know what outfit I could pair them with, if any, either. I don't want to wear a black top, because I'm worried I'll look a bit too goth, but I'm worried that if I wore it with say, a white one, it would make the lips look out of place? I need to solve this problem, as I continue to buy colours like this that sit with my other lipsticks, being all beautiful, but are only ever tried on!

4. Bronzer. I have a massive fear of bronzer, I have super pale skin (which my brother and cousins love, the amount of jokes you can come up with about ghosts...) I do actually like being fair, but I can't work out how to try get a sort of sun kissed look, and with summer on it's way, well, every other day at least it seems, I want to be able to have a bit of a bronzey goddess look, but I don't understand how to do so without looking sort of like an oompa-loompa (horrid look on everyone). Part of me, I think, is sort of sacred to try a different look when it comes to my skin tone.

5. Coral. Especially coral blush. I mentioned before that I have a fear of coral and orange lip colour, but I think I may just have a fear of coral in general. Ever since buying dollymix blush, which turned a weird shade of orangey-pink on me, I've also had a fear of coral colours and oranges. Now, I love the way the blush looks on the girl in the picture above, and it looks amazing on so many other girls with a similar skin tone to me I just can't understand why I can't make it work, even NARS orgasm looked a bit weird on me (could have partly been down the the fact she placed the blush far to low on my cheeks) this is another than I think really and truthfully should work me, but I just can't get it too! anything other than purpley blushes and blue based pink seems to scare me! bright red like MAC's Frankly Scarlet or NARS's exhibit A don't but any sort of coral or peachy tone seems to make me look odd!

So those are my irrational beauty fears, colours and styles which scare the life out of me! what are yours?

credits - All the photos were found on photobucket, and Cami Loves Kiwi's blog for the idea of the beauty fears

Simone x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I live in such a mad house...

My moody 13 year old brother has decided to leave his dark lair of a room to come downstairs and wake up the puppy to play with him, but has gotten bored and is going to go play basket ball with his mates. This leaves me with an 8 week old guide dog in training awake and fully alert, trying desperately to get our other dog to play with him, and and eat the table leg at the same time, he's having very little success with either of them...
so I thought I'd come on here and try put some life into my blog, since I made it, fully intended to use it, and failed. So this, is based on a tag I saw on youtube, but I thought I'd do it in blog form, so here it is, my 8 most worn things!

1. Most worn lipstick/lipgloss?

MAC Girl About Town. I love this lipstick, it's sort of face brighting for me, makes me look more wake!


2. Most Worn Earrings. Borring, I know. Plain little pearls, I love these though, so pretty and classic.


3. Most Worn Shirt/Top. I love this jumper, comfy but pretty!


4. Most Worn Nail Polish. I don't wear nail polish as I bite my nails, but I've promised myself I will stop! when I do, this is mineee!!!
Lincoln Park After Dark Pictures, Images and Photos

5. Most Worn Shoes.

6. Most Worn Hair Product

7. Most Worn Perfume. I don't really wear perfume much, but when I do it's this

Since it was LE, I have to ration this!

8. Most Worn Handbag/Purse

I love this bag! I have an even better charm for it now!

What are your 8 most worn things?