Thursday, 15 April 2010

5 Make-up Looks Which Scare me

Last night I stayed up in bed, cuddled up with Caramel my older dog, reading ELLE and having a nice hot chocolate only problem was that for some reason I couldn't sleep! Now, I like my sleep, and for the strangest most annoying reason, my body will wake me up, at pretty much the same time everyday, regardless of what time I went to sleep, so here I am, 8.20am writing this blog post which I have been trying to write for the past 20 minutes, but the puppy woke up on the naughty side of the bed and has been trying to eat my laptop charger, my mothers dressing gown and the handle of the draw in the kitchen...

So my insane love for make-up extends to pretty much all colours and all looks but these looks scare me far too much!

1. Bright eyeshadows (Particularly these colours). I love colours, and I love blue and pink, but blue on my eyes washes me out and makes me look really odd, and pink, pink just makes me look ill. I bought MAC Da Bling, and I also got Aquadisiac in a swap but both look awful on me! these colours look amazing on other people with my colouring, so I wonder what I'm doing wrong!

2. Orange/Coral lips. Beautiful colour, in the picture above, it looks amazing and coral is meant to be a universal all-can-wear colour that looks great on everyone but I can't seam to make it work...more on that later.

3. Deep Vampy Purple Lips. I adore black lipsticks, super dark burgundy and a blackend violet but for some reason, I don't have the courage to wear them out! they're so striking and beautiful, I don't know what outfit I could pair them with, if any, either. I don't want to wear a black top, because I'm worried I'll look a bit too goth, but I'm worried that if I wore it with say, a white one, it would make the lips look out of place? I need to solve this problem, as I continue to buy colours like this that sit with my other lipsticks, being all beautiful, but are only ever tried on!

4. Bronzer. I have a massive fear of bronzer, I have super pale skin (which my brother and cousins love, the amount of jokes you can come up with about ghosts...) I do actually like being fair, but I can't work out how to try get a sort of sun kissed look, and with summer on it's way, well, every other day at least it seems, I want to be able to have a bit of a bronzey goddess look, but I don't understand how to do so without looking sort of like an oompa-loompa (horrid look on everyone). Part of me, I think, is sort of sacred to try a different look when it comes to my skin tone.

5. Coral. Especially coral blush. I mentioned before that I have a fear of coral and orange lip colour, but I think I may just have a fear of coral in general. Ever since buying dollymix blush, which turned a weird shade of orangey-pink on me, I've also had a fear of coral colours and oranges. Now, I love the way the blush looks on the girl in the picture above, and it looks amazing on so many other girls with a similar skin tone to me I just can't understand why I can't make it work, even NARS orgasm looked a bit weird on me (could have partly been down the the fact she placed the blush far to low on my cheeks) this is another than I think really and truthfully should work me, but I just can't get it too! anything other than purpley blushes and blue based pink seems to scare me! bright red like MAC's Frankly Scarlet or NARS's exhibit A don't but any sort of coral or peachy tone seems to make me look odd!

So those are my irrational beauty fears, colours and styles which scare the life out of me! what are yours?

credits - All the photos were found on photobucket, and Cami Loves Kiwi's blog for the idea of the beauty fears

Simone x


  1. I'm guilty of all your fears except the bronzer, which i never touch! I just go for it and probably look quite silly sometimes :P

  2. If you are fair, MAC's golden bronzer is a good one, it barely shows, I am fair too and use that. And I use it everyday.