Thursday, 15 April 2010

I Have Some How Deleted My Introduction Post...

It might have been accident, or I may have done it to try hide the fact I'm very very bad at updating this, but I'll re-do my little 'get to know me' post, so here it is.

  • I'm called Simone, and I live in Sunderland, UK. I'm not exactly happy about this but oh well, I'll get on with it.
  • I have two dogs who I love very dearly, Caramel is our family dog, she's coming up for 10 years old and is a grand old lady, who would suit the title of 'Her Ladyship' or something else regal sounding. We also are foster family to Blake, who's a Guide dog puppy in training, he's currently 9 weeks old, and is a massive trouble maker but he's lovely. He's half Golden Retriever, and half Labrador  (Chocolate Lab actually, but looking at his pale blonde coat, you'd never think it) 
  • I'm Dyspraxic, which is very difficult to explain, not common in girls, and spell-check always wants to replace is with Dyslexic. It can cause trouble with handwriting, co-ordination, and just, the way you do things, for instance, I hold a pen in apparently the most awkward manner, I don't think I do, because it feels natural to me, but to anyone else, it's very very strange. It also comes with some strange little things which in my case, are linked to being Dyspraxic, I have Hyper-Flexibility, which apparently is going to cause me alot of pain when I get older, as it's starting to now, and Hyper-Sensitivity Disorder, which makes the most simple normal human thing weird, for years I couldn't have a quilt cover as I fell out with the fact that fell away from the quilt, and I can't leave my house without a hand lotion, incase I can a little weird attack of my hands feel weird...
  • I'm left-handed, which paired with Dyspraxia is a bit of a bad deal  so along with my weird way of holding a pen and barely legible handwriting, I then drag my hand over it too (and I can't seem to write with anything other than smooth inky pens). I once got slightly offended by the fact ASDA don't sell left handed scissors, and I also cannot work a can opener to save my life. 
  • I like ships. Most ships, not too interested in battle ships or anything like that, but I love ocean liners within the past 110 years They just fascinate me, I could read about different ships and their fates for hours. I have a complete love of the sea, for some reason, ever since I was little.
  • I'm born to an British Father, and a Dutch Mother, I travel on a Dutch passport, but I do also have a British one, I was born in the UK, but I left at 6 weeks old for Saudi Arabia, where I flew back and forth from until I have 9 years old and it got too dangerous. I went to an international school, and had friends from all across the world and I mean everywhere!
  •  My family love to call me casper, as even living the middle east, I was super pale, I've been subject to ghost jokes most of my life.
  • I used to love rain.
  • I talk too much! 
  • NARS cosmetics currently has my heart but I love MAC aswell.

Here's a picture of me, fairly recent. I posted is as I personally like to sort of see who it is I'm reading the blog of! apparently I 'look' like a vegetarian, I don't know that was possible! (I'm not a veggie by the way, but I am fussy with meat)  little facts about me in a more physical way

  • I'm pretty tall, for a girl at least. I'm 5ft 9 and a half my dad's hight before he had surgery to replace the discs in his neck, which caused him to be an inch taller, since the discs are metal, I class this as cheating and we are the same hight.
  • I'm a bit bigger than I'd like to be, and I'm currently on a mission to loose weight before my holiday in July
  • I love a bright or bold lip!
  • I never wear jeans as I think they make me look extremely fat. 
  • I have my nose pierced 

if that's not bored you to death, and I'm sorry if it has, please, keep reading my blog, I promise not to neglect it and if anything, read it so you can look at pictures of this gorgeous pair below! 



Thanks so much if you made it all the way down to here, you deserve a medal! I promise I'm nice and my other posts won't'be as long!

Simone x

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  1. Loved reading it! You're stunning and your doggies are just peachy :) I don't understand how you 'look vegetarian' either, do i? :P