Sunday, 9 May 2010

In's and Out's

I love reading these so I thought I'd do my own.


Clip In Extensions. Something you guys may not know or might have worked out, but my hair isn't my own, it's extensions, for some reason I decided to go blonde about two years ago and my hair is paying the price in having been cut short and my hair is taking forever to grow! so extensions it is and recently I've gotten into the habit of wearing them again after saying to myself it was too much effort when it takes me like 5 minutes! and I look so much nicer with long hair.

NARS Mekong. I'm using this everyday right now over liner pushed on with a 212 brush so all the glitter says on it and looks amazing rather than just flat black! 

The end of school - Thankgod! I've had a horrible 5 years and I can't wait for it to be over, and I must say if school day's are the best of your life then I truly have something to worry about

Glee. I'm a Gleek and proud! I love this show and I'm so happy we started recording it. 


With the end of school, comes the revision and the exams, when waiting for A MAC package the dogs went into full blown "ZOMG THAT MAN HAS THE CHEEK TO PARK HIS FAN IN MY STREET!!!!!" mode and my mother went to answer the door, as I'm getting excited that this is my parcel from MAC...nope. £50 of revision guides and work books from CGP...

The Sun. I'm a girl who's suffered with migraines for around about 5 years now and apparently the sun is now a trigger for my migraines so the summer means that could get alot worse but hopefully the new medication I've been given will help so my holiday to Florida will just mean alot of having to remember sunglasses, water and Migraleve pink pills.

MAC. Now, I'm not meaning to be blasphemous here but I'm sick of the new collections! all the time I feel like I've just recovered from the money I spent last time and they hit us with a new one I keep trying to stay away from hype but it's so hard.


  1. I'm with you about MAC. Too many collections and the products aren't as exciting as they used to be and there are far too many repromotes :(
    People totally lie when they say school days are the best days of your lives.

  2. Hi! Followed camiloveskiwi's link to your blog :)

    I'm a little over the MAC collections too. Far too many, too often.