Friday, 23 April 2010

Review - NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

I've been using NARS Sheer Glow Foundation for around two weeks now, which I think is long enough to give it a fairly good review. I herd about this foundation many times over Youtube Make-up Alley and other forums for a few months but I never bought it untill recently. Two major factors caused me to be a bit put off it, the words sheer and glow which to a girl who normally wore fairly high coverage foundations that were very matte sounded incredibly unappealing. The other, being the price tag, which is pretty steep at £29 at pop for the average 30ml of foundation. but for some reason, I decided I wanted it, partly down to the fact that my foundation wasn't working for me and I realised that matte skin didn't suit me at all and was drying out my skin, and I got it for my birthday.
This foundation really works for me, it feels like there is nothing on your skin at all, and the colour is as close to perfect as I've ever had (Siberia) and offers just enough coverage that it still looks very natural but flawless, I personally think under-eye concealer is needed on me, but may not be for you. I set this foundation with Illamasqua's loose powder but I plan to try some others soon, has this can sometimes make my skin look a little dry.
The downfall of this product is the fact that it has no pump which means that you could waste foundation, and if you were to knock it over or the lid were to come loose when you were travelling it could lead to a bit of a disaster. The only other flaw I've found is that I can't find a brush which works really well with it, but I have that problem with most liquid foundation
for me this is a wonderful foundation and the best I've had to date, the coverage and weightless feel make it worth it's price tag 100%!

Here's a quick pro's and con's list for you

Great Coverage.
Feels as if nothing is on your skin.
Easy to blend.
Great colour match for my pale skin (I'm unsure for other skintones)
Perfect stain finish, not too matte nor to dewy.
Non Drying.

No Pump! this leads to wasting foundation by pouring out too much. I have herd that they may be selling one apparently, but I don't now.
Which setting powder?
Bit of a big price tag (By my standards at least)

Since I only have three gripes with this foundation, I really do think it is amazing! current HG foundation, but I won't stop looking for more.
I'd give this foundation at least an 8/10.

What foundation is your Holy Grail foundation? and what do you think is the best brush for liquid foundation?

Thanks for reading, I'll answer any questions in comments :)
Simone xxx


  1. Hey lovely. I've found flat-top kabuki brushes the best for this foundation - like my Sonia Kashuk one.

    There are two others I'm going to be buying which are pretty similar:

    The Sigma 197...

    ...and the Coastal Scents Synthetic Buffer Brush

    These look just the ticket for me :)


  2. that's made my decision easy! I was about to buy the ss197 then read this so I am going for it!
    I'll try find the link to the video I saw comparing the CS one to the Sigma one, she said that the 197 is the most dense brush she's ever had.


  3. I LOVE the sheer glow as well, another one similar to that is neutrogena's healthy skin liquid foundation. The nars foundation, I agree is pricey!