Friday, 9 July 2010

In's and out's #2 & June Faves

This post's just combining my monthly faves and monthly fails!
I'm in Orlando! the trip here was interesting, luckily my cousin slept the whole car trip to Manchester (2 1/2 hours for us) but was excited for the entire wait in the airport, which did NOT have a starbucks like the website said. On the flight I ended up in pain for the first hour! it was awful it felt like the pressure on my head was trying to crush it or something, and it wasn't like when you're on the plane and your ears hurt, it was awful, I've been on planes since I was 6 weeks old and this has never ever happened before, but for the rest of the flight I had Harry Potter audio books and Titanic on my iPod so I was entertained once I got rid of the headache. So, on to the makeup...


Blonde MSF - This came out with Blonde, Brunette, Redhead last year but I only acquired it towards the end of May, but now it's a go to for when I need a more glowing look, it really does make you look as if you're glowing! it's an excellent blush topper and can be used to highlight the top of your cheekbones. 

MAC Blanc Type eyeshadow - I bought this about 6 months ago, and I'm running out! I love this eyeshadow I wear it just about everyday all over the lid  to even out the colour of my lids and be a good base for any eyeliner if I'm not wearing anything else  on my eyes that day. 

Maybelline Full n Soft Mascara - I'm going to cheat and put this in here even though I've only had it about a week, after getting it in a swap I now don't know how I never asked for this mascara from one of my US swaps before! I absolutely adore it and for the price of just under $6 I think I'll be stocking up on this while I'm here as it's just that good, full looking lashes (Which do look soft and not crunchy) a good black colour and it hold a curl! what more do I need? it's not a lengthing mascara but personally, I don't need length as I do have very long lashes but they lack the fullness I desire. The first paragraph of Cami's latest post sums up my expectations of mascara completely.

MAC's Marine Life Highlight Powder - My first really coraly blush! the pink in it makes it wearable for me when I mix the two together, a great summery cheek that doesn't look odd on me! NARS blushes are now becoming more and more necessary for me to buy now that I think I can get away with more colours.

NARS Fez eyeshadow - A beautiful bronze-brown kinda chocolatey shade, looks amazing in the crease of any look or the outer v, again, a nice summery colour

Out's/not loving

Diorshow Extase Mascara - ever so sorry Dior but this mascara is not for me! it's too much effort and doesn't even give me half the great effect of Full n Soft and costs about 5 times the price! 

MAC Lipglass - I continue to buy them, especially from MAC but I don't like wearing them! too sticky and the colours aren't that great nor pigmented, I am a loyal lipstick lover! 

Also, here's a picture of my baby boy, who I am missing alot (but not missing his love of eating headphones and stealing!) I'm sorry for all the yapping I do about him, but he's lush and mine!

His beloved paddling pool
Yes, that is a carrot he's eating

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  1. LOVE ur baby! My dog lives at my mums now as me and my fella live in a flat with no garden. Ur blog is great! You know ur stuff and seem really down to earth, I'm definitely a follower now! (Found you on MUA, (asti1234) don't you just love that place!) X