Monday, 14 June 2010

Diorshow Extase Mascara

This mascara is the newest edition to the Diorshow Mascara 'family' which, according to Debenhams website, consists of 8 mascaras. Before I get on with the review, here's a bit about my lashes, I have long lashes with a little bit of a curl, but they're not as full and 'false' as I'd like.
I chose Extase out of the Dior mascaras about a month ago as my first high end mascara (other than mini Lancome ones from my aunt) it claims to be an 'Instant Oversize Volume Mascara' with a 'couture brush', offering both length and volume along with a 'lash care' ingredient, I picked this one partly because the sales women at both Dior counters were pushing this one and were very reluctant to show me the other mascaras and if I asked about them they would refer back to this one and since it was the same price as the others, I figured it was worth a try since I had birthday money. On to the mascara its self...

It comes in a shiny gold tube which is very pretty and quite classy looking, with black writing showing the name of the mascara, the tube it's self is very sleek and it has a 'click' when you close it which is nice as you know that air is not getting into the mascara and drying it out. However, the top of the tube is to wide and lets too much mascara onto the brush which could lead to very clumpy lashes so you've got to sort of wipe it off in the tube which is a bit of a fuss. The mascara its self is quite wet feeling and thickens the lashes nicely, it can easy go clumpy though and if you have any left over mascara from the night before which didn't come off, it will clump pretty quickly as the brush can't separate the lashes, I'm not sure if that's because of the brush itself or because it has too much mascara on it, either way I find it difficult. For me, it holds a curl okay, but I've got a crap eyelash curler so I think it's difficult for me to say if this will or won't. This mascara only comes in black at the moment and isn't waterproof, neither of these are serious flaws for me, as I think brown mascara is weird looking with my dark hair, brows, lashes and eyes! and waterproof is often irritating for my eyes. One this that I didn't expect this to do and I assumed was just marketing is the fact that my lashes feel much stronger and look much nicer since using this which I think is due to the lash caring ingredients.

Overall I'd say this is a pretty decent mascara, nice volume and length, I'm not sure if it's right for me though, for others, it may be HG but for me I think I need considerably more volume! I'm not returning to the drugstore just yet as Diorshow Blackout is next on my list!

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