Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hair Envy

Recently, I've been quite the self hater, disliking pretty much all elements of myself from my hair to my weight, my skin, the fact I'm unable to not..for lack of a better word fuck up a good relationship, so I've decided I'm only allowed to have one serious hate, and at the moment, that shall be my hair.

Now, me and my hair have a real love-hate relationship, I wanted to be blonde, my hair didn't want to co-operate...and resulted in a kind of yellowy-blonde mess (I tried to find a picture but it's really for the best those don't see the light of day...) an attempt at medium brown resulted in black hair with some odd gingery blonde bits in it, and after various changes between varying shades of brown and several returns to black, here we are

a short blackish brown colour with brown-blonde roots, which are much lighter than this photo, which was taken about a week ago, and nope, I've not chopped all my hair off since my last photo, it's the joy of clip in hair extensions.

Now the major down fall of clip in hair extensions is that they can fall out, generally you've just bought them they go ratty quite quickly and tangle by the end of the day which are awful to take out and tangle into your own hair! after a few months, they need replacing again, and without buying some which are pretty expensive (£70!) so if you need to replace those about 4 times a year, it's gets pretty pricey for something which is always raved about as a cheap solution to short or flat hair and I think that maybe for adding volume, clip in's might be great, but for length, not so much. With my hair at the length it is now, I feel quite uncomfortable with myself, I feel very unfeminine, now some girls carry off short and shorter hair with ease and look beautiful, but for me it really doesn't work and I feel very ugly! 

So, the next logical step is 'permanent' hair extensions, at the moment I'm deciding between the brand name systems of Cinderella or Great Lengths extensions, or going for a slightly cheaper option which I have herd is very good,but I do assume that the brands are famous and the first pick of many people, for a reason! (although being a make up lover I do know it's not always the case) So, at the moment I'm having serious hair envy of these girls

Google Images - thanks!
Ignoring the colours, I love the length of all these beautiful ladies hair!


  1. Leighton as Blair does has amazing hair, right?!

  2. I think your hair is gorgeous :) I also love leighton meester's its so girly and natural xx