Sunday, 15 August 2010

Loosing Weight

loosing weight is the most common new years resolution ever, and like loads of other people, I made it again this year and it's now august, guess what? it's not happened.
I'm a stress and emotional eater, and add in having depression and GCSE's, that's a recipe for getting fat. After trying on a lovely pair of jeans two or three days ago, I decided it's time I really really loose weight, I've tried before buy going on a low calorie diet and increasing exercise but nothings ever stuck.

So, tomorrow early I'm going to boots and joining the 'Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program' and hoping for the best, wish me luck.

I'll update next Monday with how it's gone, if I've lost any weight etc, but I'm not 100% sure I'll be sharing my weight, maybe at the end of this once I've lost a substantial amount of weight I'll show a number and a picture. I'm also going to be combining it with 3 exercise classes a week and increasing my walks with the dogs.

Have any of you struggled to loose weight? if so what did you/are you doing to help? 

PS here's a picture of what I'm aiming for

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  1. I also need to lose weight. I too am an emotional eater and over the last year have put on about 2 dress sizes. I really want to go back to my old size. I've never been skinny but i look best at a size 12/14/16 (my top half is always bigger than my bottom half) and so i'm really unhappy with home i am now (16/18). I've been even larger than i am now in the past and managed to lose a lot of weight, probably about 4 stone rather easily. However at the moment i too have depression and it's just not easy to get into good eating habits when i'm upset and just want ice cream or cookies.
    Good luck!